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GOHS AP Updates from Collegboard

May 4th Collegeboard AP Exam Update:

Below are some additional resources and updates Collegeboard has released TODAY May 4th.

  1. Exam Demo. Practice accessing and logging in to your AP Exam. (You will need your AP ID# from your MYAP Profile).
  2. 2020 Exam Day Checklist (needed for each exam).
  3. Recommended and Required Resources Needed (By Exam)
  4. 2020 Exam Testing Guide (helpful information to answer all your testing concerns and tips for testing 2020).

In addition to these documents, Collegeboard has also released various helpful videos with instructions and tips for this year’s testing procedures:

  1. AP 2020 Exams: Exam Walkthrough
  2. AP 2020 Exams: The Rules


April 13th Collegeboard AP Exam Update:

Collegeboard has been continuously updating their website and GOHS AP Faculty have been trolling their site tirelessly to keep informed of the many changes in testing we are seeing develop as we embark on this COVID-19 journey. Lately, we have seen some considerable changes to Collegeboards’ original exam administration plan and so we’ve taken this opportunity to put together a presentation containing these changes and some additional AP Testing information for our AP Students and their families. Please take a moment to view this presentation and learn how it affects our AP Students. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your AP teacher or our AP Coordinator: Danielle Stadick at

2020 COVID-19 AP Exam Updates (PDF)pdf

2020 COVID-19 Exam Updates (Video)

2020 COVID-19 Exam Updates (Google Slides Presentation)

Collegeboard’s Live Updates