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Grizzly Meal Assignment May 18-22

Grizzly Family Meal Assignmentpdf

We sure do miss our Grizzly family! Not seeing y’all every day has been unBEARable. To celebrate the end of the year as a family, we have decided to join together amongst the different departments and assign one activity for the entire campus that can be customized based on your subject/class. So this week, your task is to help prepare a meal/dish for yourself and your family. It could be a comfort food, a family favorite, something new, take-out food, or whatever is in the pantry. Your choice.

Student requirements:
1. Prepare the Grizzly Family meal and think about how the meal applies to all of your classes (see chart on the attachment for writing prompts).
2. Take a picture of the meal (we highly encourage you/your family to be in the picture).
3. Fill out google form (link below) to submit your picture and your reflective writing pieces.

Please note: You only need to complete this form one time! The link is the same in every class, so your teachers will see your responses regardless of which class’ link you follow. Click this link to complete your assignment for the week of May 18-22. 

For the full assignment details and the writing prompts, click here Grizzly Family Meal Assignmentpdf