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GOHS Virtual GROWL Camp & Schedule Pickup

Good morning Grand Oaks High School Parents,

Due to recent events and advice from the District ( and local health officials, the planned GOHS GROWL Camp for Freshmen and New Students on July 27 & 28 and the Student Schedule Pickup scheduled for Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores on August 3 at Grand Oaks High School all have been canceled. These events will now be rescheduled virtually for all of our students.

From the very beginning of the summer, our AV Productions Teacher and CTE Department Chair, Ms. Loretta Jones, and our Assistant Principal, Ken Shields, have worked on a backup plan to perform these programs on a virtual platform in case we needed it. I would like to thank these two for their forward vision plus our Seniors and our Assistant Principals that have been working on this to make it happen. We will be finishing the GROWL Camp information videos and sharing this with all of our parents and students. One positive from this unfortunate situation is that we will now have something that we can post throughout the school year for new families and students to view when they are considering moving into our community and more information we can showcase about our school and community when hiring future employees.

Schedule pickup will now be virtual by having online viewing of schedules via Student Access on August 5. We need more time to complete individual student schedules based on the platform parents select for their students to attend school on September 8 (virtual or in-person – these decisions are due by July 28 through the Snapcode email invites parents received from the District).

In addition, I have listed the new alpha assignments based on the last names of students for our Counselors and Assistant Principals. Due to adding about 900 students, we were able to hire two more Counselors and two more Assistant Principals. We are excited about our new employees in their past experiences and their expertise they bring to our campus.

Lastly, I know there are a lot of questions about what will online learning look like for our students starting August 12. I am a parent as well and have the same questions! What I can tell you at this time is that the beginning will be more about getting our students and parents comfortable with Canvas (online platform used by CISD). We also plan on having a common template throughout our Faculty Canvas pages in order to simply the navigation for our students (research shows the more you can use a common setup in virtual learning the better the learning for your students). Our Counselors and Assistant Principals reported back to work yesterday and our Teachers report back to work on August 4. As we finalize our plans we will share them with everyone.

Please be safe and take care of your loved ones,

Chris Povich