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GOHS EOC Testing, AP Testing and Final Exams

May is a busy month for testing! Please visit our May Calendar for EOC and AP testing dates.

Final Exams

Spring Semester 2021 Final Exam Schedule

Note the following clarifications on the Final Exam Schedule:

  1. May 18-21 are full days of instruction from 7:20 am to 2:35 pm. Students (grades 9-12) are expected to be in all their scheduled classes on those days.
  2. GOHS will be on a normal bell schedule on May 18-20. Seniors will be the only students taking final exams on May 18-20.  See below for specific Senior final exams each day.
  3. On May 21, all students (grades 9-12) will take their Period 4 and Period 8 final exams as scheduled on the modified bell schedule listed below. This will be the last day of final exams for Seniors and the first day of final exams for all other students (grades 9-11).
  4. Underclassmen (grades 9-11) will continue taking their final exams on the early dismissal days of May 24-26.
  5. Seniors will not attend classes on May 24-26 and will attend Senior Class activities and prepare for graduation on Wednesday, May 26.
  6. Lastly, students are not permitted to take a final exam sooner than they are scheduled to take a final exam.