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PSAT/SAT Testing

October 14 @ 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Grand Oaks High School has scheduled a School PSAT/SAT Day for Wednesday, October 14. The SAT and PSAT are college-readiness exams designed to showcase content mastery of high school course work. Click here for more information on the SAT/PSAT and why they are important. Below are details about what to expect that day.

  • What is each grade level doing on campus this day?
      • 12th graders – Every 12th grader has an SAT assigned to him/her and has the opportunity to take a
        FREE SAT exam on this day. Any 12th graders on campus will take the SAT. Any senior that is not taking the SAT will be allowed to have late arrival and should report to campus by 12:45 pm.
      • 11th graders – Every 11th grader has a PSAT test assigned to him/her and will take the exam. The PSAT for 11th graders is a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.
      • 10th graders – Every 10th grader has a PSAT test assigned to him/her and will take the exam.
      • 9 th graders – Any 9th grader that purchased the PSAT exam by the past deadline in School Cash
        will have an exam ready for him/her. All other 9th graders will be going through guidance lessons created by our counselors which include activities such as 4 year planning, Naviance, and interest
  • What do I need to know about the test?
      • The exams are 2-3 hours long (plus 45 minutes of pre-administration activities).
      • The SAT and the PSAT DO NOT require the use of calculators. If your student would like to utilize a calculator on this exam, he/she will need to bring his/her own device. This is also the case if the student registered to take the exam at another testing site. GOHS will have a limited number of calculators available, and 11th and 12th graders will receive priority.
  • What time should my student arrive?
      • Every student needs to be in his/her assigned classroom between 6:45-7:20am.
      • Since more students will be arriving on campus this day, please plan ahead for school
  • How will my student know what room to go to?
      • We will have staff members located throughout the building to help students find their
        assigned room.
      • We will also have QR codes posted around the building. The student can scan the QR code
        with his/her camera phone which will bring up a search field to find his/her name and
        assigned room.
  • My remote learner does not plan on coming to campus for the test, what will the
    expectations be for him/her in Canvas that day?

      • Wednesday October 14th will be an orange day (periods 1, 3, 5, & 7).
      • Students will be expected to log into Canvas and complete an attendance activity for each
        period that day (periods 1, 3, 5, & 7).
  • NOTE: Remote learners are NOT eligible for bus transportation and should be picked up by
    12:45 pm in front of the school. If the test finishes prior to this time, your student will be
    allowed to text you.
  • Testing Schedule for Students
    Testing 7:20-12:45
    5th Period 12:45-2:35

      • A-Lunch 12:45-1:10
      • B-Lunch 1:13-1:38
      • C-Lunch 1:42-2:07
      • D-Lunch 2:10-2:35


October 14
7:00 am - 1:00 pm